How to Conduct Your Own Garage Door Repair

While conducting a DIY garage door repair, you will have to understand how the garage door works.

Since any type of mechanical equipment has a tendency to break down due to frequent use. Even the garage door has tends to develop some mechanical and hardware troubles after few years. Therefore, it is important to perform maintenance and repair periodically. But the question is who can fix a broken garage door near me? The answer is very simple. Use internet to find out the right garage door services around you. You can treat the minor garage door problems on your own if you are familiar with the mechanism of your garage door. Following is a brief guide that will explain you how garage door works.

Mechanism of garage door: there are two main parts of garage door, one is the operating mechanism that is used to open and close the garage door and the second is the garage door itself.  Most of the problems are reported with the mechanical system it has trend to malfunction quickly. Some operating system problems like, garage door opener and springs troubles should be fixed quickly to enjoy the functionality of garage door.

Common garage door repair techniques:

For roller overhead and swings upward garage door, torsion springs are used. These springs are mounted at the top of garage door along with a special metal tracks which support the garage door to moves upward or downward. If your garage door is producing creaking noises or does not respond properly, the problem lies with the operating system of the garage door. Following are the helpful tips to restore the functionality of garage door. 

  • Inspect the metal tracks inside the garage door to make sure that they are in good working shape. These tracks are used to connect the garage door hinges with the wall. These tracks should be adjusted completely. Check the garage door tracks thoroughly to find out any dents, crimps, and flats. In the case of any damages, use a wood hammer to straighten the dented garage door track. If the damages are serious, replace them immediately.
  • Check the alignment of garage door tracks and springs. All the garage door tracks should be aligned with each other. In case of any misalignment, loose screws and blots o the tracks and adjust them to their position. You must have specific tools such as, spanners and screw driver to fix and adjust the alignment.
  • Make sure that all the moving parts should be lubricated. Wash and lubricate the parts with the help of grease every once in a while. It will help the garage door to move smoothly. You should clean the garage door tracks and rollers with the help of cotton cloth. If the garage door rollers look rusted, they will not respond to simple garage door fixing techniques, replace them immediately.
  • Check the garage door itself thoroughly to find out the damages. Garage door tracks are not strong enough to run. If your garage door is sagging, you need to replace it with the new one. Consider buying an automatic garage door.
  • Inspect if there is something that blocks the path of garage door sensor. The dust, dirt, and accumulated grease can obstruct the path of garage door.  Use the flash light to make a deep inspection. In this case, you will have open the garage door to its half way and then proceed.

NOTE: don’t try to attempt DIY garage door repair especially with springs. Hire a professional garage door technician to repair or replace the garage door tracks and springs. Major problems and garage door replacement should be done under the supervision of professionals. Some broken garage door parts can be extremely dangerous.

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